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It is always the same when someone resigns - they walk into the room, smiling sheepishly and close the door behind them. The next few minutes are key. The manager dealing with the resignation needs to be armed with these 10 important questions:
  1. Where are you going next?
  2. Why are you resigning?
  3. Have you already signed a contract with a new employer?
  4. When have you agreed to start?
  5. Who else inside and outside the organisation knows about your plans to leave?
  6. Is anyone else planning to leave?
  7. What handover will be required?
  8. Who do you recommend should step into your shoes?
  9. Have you got in your possession confidential information belonging to the organisation and, if so, where is it stored?
  10. Are you intending to abide by your confidentiality and post-termination restrictions?
If these questions are not asked, the manager is blind-sided and loses a valuable opportunity to probe the employee. It is far less effective to leave these questions to an exit interview, which is usually very perfunctory.

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