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Executive Search

Ellis Fox’ Search Methodology is refined and proven to bring results when the best available talent and not just the most visible candidates are sought. This is also the case when there are a finite number of candidates due to seniority of the position, the particular skill set required is hard to find or the location is challenging.

Executive search works on the principle that high-calibre; high-performing professionals are normally concentrating on the challenges of their present organisation. A direct and professional approach to a person allows us to accurately portray and promote the client company and the appointment in a positive manner.

We are aware that at times we will need to work within the critical business time frame. We take detailed briefs and have a frank discussion – warts and all to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the organisation and the role. We aim to engage candidates fully and quash any negative rumours so that no exceptional talent falls through the net from the outset. We are often viewed as an extra arm to a company’s PR team, conveying a positive message and image on your behalf throughout the recruitment process.

Our team of researchers rank amongst the best the industry has to offer. We acknowledge that the quality and calibre of potential candidates that we shortlist for any vacancy is down to the quality of the research conducted.

We provide important information and feedback both the good and the bad. Today there is no “one job fits all scenario”. It is vital that we provide as much feedback regarding candidate, personal and career aspirations so that the interview is as relevant as possible.

Once retained Ellis Fox will not rest until find the most suitable candidate. We strive to find the hidden talent, best qualified, proven and referenced candidates who will add real value to the organisation.

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